At Gutsy by Nutrition, I help my clients to get well by balancing their nutritional deficiencies in a natural and holistic way. I help restore function at a foundational level through diet and lifestyle based on detailed questionnaires, in-depth consultations and informative functional evaluations. Other tools I offer are microbiome and food sensitivity testing.

My personalised in-person and online programs are for anyone who wants to have more energy and vitality so they can get back to living. I like to help anyone seeking more energy and vitality. My specific interests are chronic illness, complex illnesses, mood disorders and family health.


Nore Hoogstad

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Hello, my name is Nore Hoogstad and I’m a

  • Registered Nutritional Therapist (NTA)

  • Integrative Health Coach (IIN)

  • Certified Gluten Practitioner (Dr Tom O’Bryan)

  • Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWS)

  • Graduate of Dr Sandeep Gupta's Making Mould Illness Simple (MIMS) course: Understanding CIRS (mould toxicity), Lyme and CFS (chronic fatigue)

  • Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia)

  • Professional member of IICT and ACONT

I’m someone who's experienced difficult-to-diagnose symptoms. Among other challenges, I developed fibromyalgia-type arthritis in my late teens after living in Southeast Asia, am overcoming nerve pain in my hands and feet that resulted in muscle weakness and sleeplessness, and after moving into an old house, contracted mould toxicity or CIRS. At one time I was also told I had depression, for years got migraines twice weekly, and at various times experienced gynaecological and hormonal problems.

I understand what it’s like to suffer the pain and exhaustion from overlooked, misdiagnosed, undiagnosable or stigmatised conditions. I’ve spent a lot of time and thousands of dollars seeking answers, trying unhelpful drugs and having unnecessary medical procedures and surgeries. I also know how terrifying it is to feel emotionally not yourself. At one point, I wondered if I was ever going to be able to work full time again because I felt so awful and drained.

I’ve completely turned this around, in part because I couldn’t just take a pill, which is never usually a long-term cure anyway. Instead I sought out the root causes of my symptoms, spending a lot of time researching and understanding chronic illness and mood disorders, including the impact of diet, toxins and lifestyle. My pathway has involved overcoming antibiotic-resistant parasites, leaky gut, SIBO (twice), severe allergies, CIRS, adrenal exhaustion and deep negative emotions. Becoming a Yoga Teacher then Health Coach, and more recently a Nutritional Therapist (looking at the foundational way food affects the body at a cellular level), have been instinctive steps in my journey. I believe I would be much sicker if I hadn't done this.

I know first hand the fear and frustration at how ongoing illness can impact and change your life. I understand the process of grief when you have to change your diet and lifestyle, and what it takes to switch your mindset from one of deprivation to one of gaining health. But the results can be life changing. This is why I’d like to support you to reach better health through my simple, yet powerful and transformative programs where go gain back control. You can book a free, no-pressure Discovery Call with me here. I’d love to hear from you.